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The STARTRACK tracking system is a GPS/CELLULAR tracking device that can locate your vehicles with extreme precision within only a few seconds, whether they are stationary or in motion. STARTRACK GPS system is the perfect tool for fleet owners and on road representatives. 

Startrack GPS tracking and fleet management system

fleet management system
fleet management
gps fleet management



  • Location of your vehicles at all time

  • Speed, trips, stops, idle, km traveled, maximum speed, average speed, geo-fence, zones entry/exit and trail reports

  • Overspeed, idle, theft and prolonged stop alerts 

  • Reports in EXCEL format

  • Multifunction inputs (for panic, alarm or others)

  • Alerts sent by sms, e-mail, Popups

  • Affordable monthly airtime package with unlimited usage

  • Worldwide coverage without roaming fees

Startrack 2500 

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